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Spotless Sweepers Pty Ltd provides a sweeping service across Sydney to remove debris from most floor surfaces to have your business looking its best. We take pride in providing safe and professional service at a time that best meets your needs, with minimal inconvenience.

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The Cleaning Industry in Australia Makes a Clean Sweep

The Australian economy has made a drastic shift from resources to service based sectors in recent years. Among the several service industries is the commercial cleaning industry. No one expected this company to flourish. But proving every one’s assumptions wrong, the commercial cleaning industry in Australia has done just what everyone thought would be impossible and it has done so in quite a fast pace.

In the recent years, the demand for commercial cleaning services too has increased in Australia. The cleaning industry in Australia is expected to grow at a rate of 1.5% in the next five years catapulting it into a $4.8 billion industry by 2019.

Sydney, Victoria, Melbourne and New South Wales are some of the cities in Australia where commercial cleaning services are predominant, Sydney being at top. The sweeping services sydneyhave had steady businesses. They cater to numerous small and large firms, healthcare facilities, government and educational institutions etc. The sweepingservices sydney have a wide and diverse range of employers. From multimillion-dollar Australian firms and overseas-owned firms to private households, these services cater to all equally and professionally.

Cleaning Associations in Australia

The two major cleaning organizations in Australia are the Australian Contract Cleaning Association (ACCA) founded in 1964 and the Australian Cleaning Contractors' Alliance founded in 2001.

Why Is There A Huge Demand For Cleaning Services In Australia?

There is a huge demand for cleaning services in Australia because the commercial firms and institutions generally outsource their cleaning jobs to save time and focus more on their original work. The cost-effectiveness is also a significant reason for hiring sweeping services in Sydney. A rise in the number of residential cleaning services is due to either ageing residents or busy residents.

Creating Employment Opportunities in Australia

The residential and commercial cleaning sector in Australia is a $4 billion economy annually. Since there is no need for any professional qualifications for entry-level employees, this industry has created vast opportunities for all types of workers and has helped a lot with the unemployed people in Australia. People of all ages and from diverse ethnic backgrounds are welcome in this industry. And the cleaning companies maintain the quality of their services and professionalism by providing sufficient training to their staff.

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